Nursery Setting

Our learning environment is bright, spacious and attractive with dedicated areas for individual age groups, each beautifully designed and generously resourced with quality toys and furnishings. We have direct access to an outdoor play area which is equipped with a variety of bespoke play equipment allowing outdoor learning to take place across all areas of the curriculum. Our nursery also has its own explorers area with log piles and leafy play areas, a climbing wall, planters, bikes, trikes, a sand pit and lots more! Our children love spending their time outdoors looking for creepy crawlies, building dens and helping grow their own food.

Excellent use is made of local amenities including parks, gardens, and the library. Children are regularly to be seen out walking and enjoying the fresh air, sights and sounds of the local community. We use child safety systems and high visibility vests to keep children safe when out on trips away from the nursery.

The children have a choice of learning opportunities including arts and crafts, construction activities, table top games and learning with our smart board! Your child will be introduced to early numeracy and literacy skills and activities designed to develop their communication skills.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave the nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, whilst taking with them the enjoyment of learning and pride in their achievements. We would strive for your child to be able to have the following skills when leaving nursery: recognising and writing their own name, demonstrating good observational skills, showing preliminary reading skills, able to confidently control a pencil, showing creative skills and knowledge of numbers.

10 Areas of Provision

All 10 areas of provision are set up around the room. The areas of provision are as follows:


This is where fresh drinking water and fruit is available throughout the day. Children are encouraged to be independent by pouring their own drinks and helping themselves to snack.

Mark Making

This is where early mark making begins. This is not the same as writing. It is firstly a sensory and physical experience which later forms into writing skills. All children can access pens, pencils, crayons and chalks along with a range of booklets and writing pads. Children can also make marks on white boards. Children are introduced to their name cards and number lines in this area.

Construction and Small World

This area is a great area for children to develop their imagination. Large and small wooden blocks are available continuously for design and making along with smaller blocks and magnetic tubes. Small world people and animals are also available to support children’s creativity. Natural resources are also available to enhance children’s play.


The water tray means that children can openly explore the area without the worry of making too much mess. Mathematical development begins in this area with the exploration of shape, space and measure with a range of funnels, jugs and beakers.


This area is where children can express their art and design ideas. Children can use a range of resources to create their pictures or models. Children are encouraged to use the tools independently but safely and to ensure that their name is displayed on their work.

Activity Area

This area is a great area for the children to learn the all important turn taking and sharing skills. There are a number of large and small jigsaws and a range of group games to play.


This area offers a range of stimulating and sensory experiences for all children. They can spend time exploring play dough, rice, foam, jelly, gloop and many more malleable ingredients. This is an area where children are encouraged to get messy. They can also explore mark making and pattern making in this area also.

Role Play

This is where children can begin their imaginative play. They have access to a range of resources and props so they can dress up as they wish. Real fruit and vegetables are provided to offer the children sensory experiences while in this area. Children are free to chop and slice the food and use real life sized pots and pans to create their own “meals”. A computer is available at all times during the day for children to develop their ICT skills.

Book Corner

The book area is the best area for children to go and enjoy some quiet time and relax. Big cushions, smaller cushions and a sofa are available for children to look at all the story books and puppets, along with blankets to snuggle under.


The children can explore the sandpit with buckets and spades along with other wooden and metal utensils. Shells are hidden in a treasure basket and a dustpan and brush are available so that children can sweep up their own sand and gain independence. Children often transfer the animals, cars, people and other enhancements into this area to extend their small world and imaginative play.

Outdoor Area

Which is a great place for children to develop their physical skills. Exploration is key in this area as there are so many different activities to participate in. We have a sheltered area in our garden so that we can explore our outdoor area “whatever the weather” so it is important that our children remember coats, wellies, sun hats and sun cream.