Our school works closely with Pendle Tuition Centre for providing children with help with their school work. 

Pendle Tuition Centre,
Brunswick Street,
01282 931354

What do we offer?

  • We will undertake a thorough diagnostic assessment and interview with your child to identify their academic learning needs and attitude to learning. This way, we can personalise a programme of work and adapt the teaching style to suit your child.
  • We have a system of reward and encouragement. A solid system of praise and reward motivates and encourages students. Crucial to a child’s success is their feeling of being good at something. If they think they can do it – they will!
  • We have a proven track record of success with children and excellent feedback from parents.
  • The tuition will match the work done in school. Tuition that is aligned with the National Curriculum has obvious benefits. Children are delighted to score top marks in their school spellings or their times-tables tests because they have already covered them with our tutors. 
  • Our tuition has ‘hidden’ benefits too, such as fostering your child’s sense of pride in their work, discipline in getting homework done regularly and on time, developing good study habits and independent learning skills.