Attendance expectations

We expect all children to attend school every day. Periods of absence and poor punctuality are disruptive to the children’s learning and send poor messages about the value of education. We ask parents to support us in ensuring their children do not miss out through unnecessary absences.

Persistent absence can have serious implications on the child's education. Much of the work children miss when they are off school is never made up, leaving them at a considerable disadvantage to their peers. There is clear evidence of a link between poor attendance at school and low levels of achievement.


Holidays are expected to be taken during the school holidays. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Headteacher. A Leave of Absence form should be completed in the case of any request for leave, including holidays and is available from the school office. Please note that there is no obligation for us to authorise holidays during term time. Amendments were made to the 2006 regulations in the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013. These amendments, as described, came into force on 1st  September 2013.

Collection Arrangements

It is essential that the school knows if there is any change in collection arrangements for your child. Staff are available in the playground at the start and end of each day for you to communicate any such information.

Please ring the school office before 2.30pm If there are any last minute changes, eg. someone other than the person known to staff is to collect your child at the end of the day. Calling before 2.30pm is important as it allows time for us to get messages to classrooms before the end of the day.


All late arrivals to school must sign the late register in the entrance area. Failure to do so means that your child will remain absent on the school register and in the event of an emergency would be considered as absent. It could also mean that your child will not be included in the school meal numbers for the day.


If you know your child will be late or absent, for example, due to a hospital appointment or school visit, please provide the office with the relevant appointment letter in advance of the absence. Letters regarding absence should be handed in to the office and not the class teacher. This will enable us to keep all documentation regarding your child’s absences on file. Where possible, please make essential appointments after registration in the afternoon. All absences not reported to the school will be recorded as unauthorised, until the reason for your child not being at school is established.


Please report your child’s absence in person or by telephone to the school office before 9.00 am.