In order to meet costs, the school must charge fees. Our School Fees are kept to a minimum, whilst ensuring all costs are covered so we can provide the best education for our children.

‘Fees’ means school tuition fees at the rate set from time to time and current at the start of each academic year.  Parents are required to pay school tuition fees according to the schedule given below:

Fee Structure

1 Child     - £2,300/annum

2 Children - £3,700/annum

3 Children - £4,800/annum

4 Children - £6000/annum

Plus one-off registration fee of £100.

How to pay fees

Payment should be made by Standing Order into the bank account. Fees must be received by the 3rd of each month (September to June). Please ensure that monies paid into the account are referenced with your child’s full name. For example: ‘Abdullah Ahmed Fees’. If you have more than one child, the name of one child as a reference will suffice.

Bank Details:

Please contact the school for our bank details.

Please contact the school for full details of our fee structure and policy.