We have a wide range of procedures and policies in place in order to ensure the smooth running of our school.

The School has the following policies available:

Website Disclaimer

Complaints Policy

Safeguarding Policy (2022)

Keeping Children Safe in Education (2022)

The school also has the following policies which are available upon request:

Admissions Policy
Complaints Policy
Pupil Attendance Policy
Curriculum Policy
Early Years Policy
Assessment Policy
Marking Policy
SEN policy
Disability Policy
Disability Access Plan
First Aid Policy
Medicines Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Spiritual Moral Social & Cultural Policy
PSHE & Citizenship Policy
Promoting Good behaviour Policy
Staff Induction Policy
Staff Absence Policy
Staff Recruitment Policy
Parental Involvement Policy
Data Protection Policy (GDPR)
Extra-Curricular Activities Policy
Staff Conduct Policy

Safeguarding Policies:

Anti-Bullying Policy
Safeguarding children and safer recruitment document
Every Child Matters Policy
Staff Recruitment Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Esafety Policy
Child Protection Policy