The Governing Body plays a key role in helping oversee the strategic direction of the school and works in partnership with the Headteacher and Senior Management Team. The main aim of a Governing body is to ensure the delivery of a high standard of education for all pupils in its care.

The governing body has three main roles:


The Governing Body sets the general direction of the school, looking at how it should best develop and improve. This is done by reviewing and agreeing policies, setting targets and priorities and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives. Strategic thinking is not always linked with the curriculum and it does not mean just responding to weakness.

Critical Friend

The Governing Body works with the Headteacher and creates a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing the school. The governing body is able to question and challenge. A good working relationship is essential as a real critical friendship is only achieved where there istrust and mutual respect.


The Governing Body has a professional attitude and uses its collective skills to benefit the learners. It gathers views, ask questions and decides what is best for the school and the children. The governing body is answerable to the parents and the wider community.

Why do we have School Governors?

There are three main reasons why Governors are necessary:

  • They make sure the school is run according to the needs and wishes of the local community.
  • They support, promote and protect the interests of the school, its pupils and staff.
  • They are a visible form of accountability.

The role of the school Governor and Governing Body is:

  • To take a strategic overview of school related issues;
  • To set a broad framework within which the Headteacher can work;
  • Concerned with the general oversight of the conduct of the school.

The Headteacher is responsible for the organisation and management within the school.

A School Governor is expected to:

  • Work as a member of the Governing Body for the best interest of the school;
  • Attend regular meetings and special meetings of the Governing Body;
  • Serve on committees which deal with the Governing Body’s legal obligations;
  • Become familiar with general educational issues and developments;
  • Take an interest in school activities;
  • Promote the school within the local community;
  • Commit time to the duties and responsibilities of a Governor.

We are involved in:

  • Staff appointments and other staffing matters
  • Pupil discipline
  • The school curriculum
  • The financial management of the school
  • School development plan and action plan
  • Health and safety matters

How to contact the Chair of Governors:

Chair: Mr. I Ashraf
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.